Submission Instructions

1. Full Manuscript Submission

Submitted manuscripts should be written in English conforming to the conference template. All submitted papers will undergo a thorough review process. Accepted full papers will be published in conference proceedings or journals, authors will be invited to give an oral/poster presentation on site. At least FIVE pages of paper is required for final submission.

Format Template (DOC) IJESD Format Template (DOC) IJCTE

Page Limits:
Regular Papers: 8 pages, including all figures, tables, and references.
Purchasing Extra Page: Extra pages can be purchased at $30 (US dollars) per extra page

2. Abstract Submission (Presentation Only)

For those a few authors who don't expect any publication of your papers, you're welcome to submit the abstracts to us and present your papers at the conference without publishing.

Format Template (DOC) Abstract Only

3. Submisssion Methods

1. Electronic Submission System.(pdf.)

2. E-mail Submission: (pdf./doc.)


Policy on Multipule Submissions

ICECS will not accept any paper which, at the time of submission, is under review, is accepted for publication, or has already been published in another conference or a journal. Authors are also expected not to submit their papers elsewhere during the ICECS reviewing period. Submitted papers are expected to contain original work executed by the authors with adequate, proper and scholarly citations to the work of others. It is the job of the authors to clearly identify both their own contribution(s) and also published results / techniques on which they depend or build. Reviewers are charged to ensure these standards are met.