One Day Visit

For detailed visit arrangement, please refer to the final conference program.

About Xiamen University of Technology: A public college born and growing simultaneously with Xiamen Special Economic Zone, XMUT was later upgraded to a public university of technology by the decision issued by President Xi Jinping, then Governor of Fujian. The past three decades has witnessed our fast growth. A college for first-line professionals for Xiamen Special Economic Zone in its first years, XMUT is today a provincial first-tier university with global ambitions and reach.

XMUT has a strong and diverse cohort of faculty members with established industry experience or overseas study/work experience to ensure that our students are exposed to an industry-informed learning environment with forefront knowledge and information from the industry and the world. A few of the faculty members are professors or lecturers from universities outside China whose input into curriculum development and class design facilitates the development and internationalization of our teaching standard.

Internationalization is at the core of the strategic plan of XMUT to advance the quality of education and research. This strategy has been well implemented through the development and operation of an array of international collaborative programs with our high-quality partner universities abroad, which include University of Texas at Austin (US), University of Missouri (US), University of Alabama (US), Newcastle University (UK), Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand), and University of Regina (Canada). The international collaborative programs take various forms to cater to the needs of faculty and students from different backgrounds, which range from joint programs to articulation programs, exchange students programs, study tours and/or field studies that allow participants to do part of their study in universities overseas.